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purpose of the site
  1. Introduction and dissemination of clean language
  2. Providing learning support
  3. Exploring refined and clean question translations that better match the linguistic features of Japanese

There are many techniques of using clean questions in the clean language world, but this site mainly deals with clean language & symbolic modeling and clean spaces.

dedication -acknowledgment-

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following people who kindly gave me permission to translate.

Great thank you for allowing to translate your article.

Thank you very much for always giving me advice on the Japanese translation of clean questions.

Great thank you for giving Japanese people your idea, wide perspective and deep insight to translate Japanese Clean Questions.

About copyright

All copyrights of translated articles on this site belong to the authors who wrote the original articles. If you would like to use the translation for purposes other than personal learning, please contact the author and me.


Yukari Ishii

Clean Facilitator Level 1
​Clean Space Facilitator


​I am so addicted to clean language that even though I couldn't speak English, I couldn't help but get on a plane and go to the United States and England for training. Too clean language enthusiast. Mainly in charge of hosting workshops and translating articles on the site.

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